UV tanning

Our proprietary, high-performance, stand-up booths bring the results you need when it comes to the perfect tan! We offer one of the most sanitary and effective indoor tanning options available.

Once you have your gorgeous base tan, you'll only need two to three visits a month to maintain your perfect shade!

Stand Up Tanning Booths

You are new to tanning? You have tanned before, but it has been a while? We offer a selection of different strength tanning booths to help you achieve the perfect base tan.

ht42 ( 1 star )

Great Value, Great Tan

The HT42 is our least strong booth and is designed to help you achieve that off-the-beach look. Get a base tan in only 5 to 6 sessions.

ht54 ( 2 stars )

Incredible 10-minute Tan

Immediate Result! The HT54 is our medium- strength booth. Get your gorgeous base tan in only 4 to 5 sessions.

ht60 ( 3 stars )

The Ultimate 8-minute Tan

Immediate Result! The HT60 is our fastest tanning booth. With only 2% UVB rays, get your rich, dark cosmetic base tan in only 3 to 4 sessions.

High Pressure Tanning

HT High Pressure Booth: For a Tan that Lasts

The HT High Pressure booth is designed to penetrate deeper into the skin for a longer lasting, darker tan. HT High Pressure filters block out most UVB rays, which cause skin to exfoliate faster, allowing you to keep your tan for longer.
See the How To section for details.


You normally do not tan at all when out in the sun, you have a special event to attend to and you want to look your best, or you just want that gorgeous golden brown tan, then our sunless spray tan booth are just for you.

Sunless Spray Tan Booth

Create your signature look with Instant Tan, powered by Mystic Tan®. This spray tan system mists your body with premium bronzers, moisturizers and DHA (active ingredient) for a smooth, natural-looking, beautiful tan in seconds. It uses a voice-guided system to help you with the application process. Mystic Tan® allows for dozens of ways to create a custom tan. Ask your Hollywood Tans & Spa salon consultants for the Mystic Tan® formulation that is best for you.

See the How To section for details.

Cocktail tanning

Combine UV tanning with sunless spray tanning for an even darker, deeper and longer lasting tan.

See the How To section for details.


Have you heard about our NEW EXCLUSIVE NeuroSpa® service? Patented worldwide, NeuroSpa® is the premier therapeutic relaxation device that allows you to reach a state of complete mental and physical wellbeing.

You feel stressed out and have trouble to relax or just do not have the time to do so? You have trouble sleeping? You need a cup of coffee after lunch to get through the day? You often feel tired and you have muscle pain in different parts of your body?

Our NeuroSpa® service can help you! After only 15 to 30-minute session, you will feel deeply energized and relaxed. Regular use of the device can help relieve muscle pain and fight chronic stress. Walk-ins accepted, reservation needed for groups.

Red light therapy

  • Improve common skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema

  • Minimize / diminishes fine lines, wrinkles & deep furrows

  • Stimulates the regeneration of collagen & elastin

  • Firms, tightens, tones and increases skin's elasticity

  • Improves and restores skin clarity, texture and tone

  • Fades discoloration & age spots

  • Helps irregular pigmentation

  • Reduces pore size & coarseness

  • Improves problem prone skin

  • Fades stretch marks & scars

  • Increases circulation to the skin

teeth whitening

SpaWHITE® by WhiteScience® is the best "out of the dentist" teeth whitening procedure currently available that can take your teeth back to the way they were before all that coffee, red wine and nicotine took its tall.

With SpaWHITE®, you can erase years of aging and see instant results for just 30 to 40 minutes! Depending on factors such as age, general health and genetics, you can see your teeth get 2 to 6 shades brighter in only one session! Make an appointment today and get your confidence to the next level!


Available exclusively at Hollywood Tans Salons, our line of lotions and skincare products includes everything you need – from bronzers to moisturizers and specialty products – to pamper your skin with the finest skin care essentials.

At Hollywood Tans & Spa, we take the time to work with our clients and help them choose from one of the many options we have to offer.

You want to keep that beautiful tan for longer? Sure. Get one of our DHA bronzers and extend the tanning process for after your tanning session. Probably you tan often, but you do not seem to get darker. Our intensifiers sure can increase your tanning potential and help you overcome that tanning ''plateau''. And don't forget, a lotion is essential part of the tanning process as it protects your skin and also makes it silky-soft.

Whatever your needs, we can help you achieve and maintain the perfect tan and maximize your tanning experience with one of our specialized indoor tanning lotions!

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